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Active Calls displayed in Progressive Capture


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Morning all,

Our Business processes are set up to set the status of a logged request to "New" until the call has been assigned, prioritised and categorised at which point it changes the status to "Open". We've just noticed that when the Active calls are displayed going through a progressive capture it only shows those calls for a user that are set to Open and not those that are set to New. Can we change this so it shows us all active calls for a user (i.e. New and Open) and if so how do we do this?

Many thanks.

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We used to operate the same way and had the issue that analyst where sometime missing the 'New' incidents as they deliberately had to select the 'New' filter in the Request List to see them as there was not a default way to display only 'New' and 'Open' only on the Request List.

We have now stopped using the parent status of 'New' and move to using s Sub-Status of 'New' under the parent status of 'Open' so that the requests are all in the same list.

I would recommend looking at implementing Sub Statuses to see if this works for your implementation.



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Thanks for the reply Martin, although it's not really the answer I was hoping for right before we're about to go live! They seem to show everywhere else ok for us, it's just the Progressive Capture bit, we'll have to decide if we want to change it all (again!) or live with it.

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@Jenny a change has been made which will now show a customers requests which are not just open, but also those in a New or On-Hold status in progressive capture. 

This change will be included in a service manager update in the next couple of weeks so please keep an eye out for the supporting release notes for the next couple of builds. 

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