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Saving Emails to File


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As you know we have developed our recruitment process on Hornbill.  Although we understand that all emails sent via a request are held within the request timeline, our audit department have stated that there is still a requirement to hold certain emails relating to a recruitment on the individuals personal file.  Admins cannot however find the facility to save an email and are therefore currently having to forward emails to themselves and then save them from outlook which is a bit of a clunky process.  Can you advise if there is a simpler way of saving emails to file or if this is something you can develop in future?



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We have two exchange mailboxes for each Service Manager mailbox for this reason. 

As Service Manager deletes email from the original exchange mailbox we created ITServiceDesk@business.com for the users to email. We then set this in exchange to auto forward all emails to SMITServiceDesk@business.com and connected this mailbox to Service Manager. 

This way we still have copies of all the email in the ITServiceDesk@business.com mailbox which, once added to Outlook, we can save to folders as normal. 

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Hi Sam,

When it comes to saving, do you require the email to be saved in a format that can be later opened again in another email client, or would something like a PDF printout of the email also work?  I'm not aware of any plans at the moment for adding the ability to save an email to file from within Hornbill.



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