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Restart/Resume Resolution SLA

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Is it possible to restart/resume an SLA timer without resetting it?

We have a situation where we stop the SLA timer as our 1st Tier has identified the customer has said the issue is resolved, but sometimes this is not correct, so we would want to put a secondary check in the workflow and if it is not correct route the workflow back to the investigation steps and restart/resume the timer.

I know I could get around it by using a sub status under hold and not changing to resolved until double checked but wanted to know if it was possible to  reverse the stopping the timer.



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@Martyn Houghton when the timer is stopped in the BP, the actual (system) timer is removed/deleted (this is why it can't be restarted). If you start the timer (again) it will create a new (system) timer and yes, it will overwrite existing response/fix targets... I think the withinfix/withinresponse flags will only be overwritten once the response and fix are stopped again...

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