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Set Resolve By Time Required

Michael Sharp

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Is it possible to set a specific resolve by time using request question answers i.e. a time/date is set during progressive capture.

Good examples of this are when equipment needs to be prepared for use on a particular date/time or if new starters need creating on the system before they join the company.



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Hi Michael,

The response/fix times are based on a set duration from the point of starting the timers, determined via service level rules ( https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Level_Agreement_Rules_Builder ) , therefore it's not currently possible to set a specific resolve time based on question answer content.

As an alternative, the service level rules support the use of "Priority" as a test criteria, so perhaps you could create some priorities to cover the time period required e.g. 1 Day turnaround / 3 Day turnaround / 1 Week turnaround etc, use a suspend for priority node in your BPM workflow and then on manual selection of the appropriate priority (based on the time entered in the question response) you can start the timers via the BPM which will then use the rules to select a service level and timers which have been configured to run for 1 Day / 3 Days etc?



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Hi @Michael Sharp

I don't think it is possible to do this as Dave suggests, and his approach of fixed times linked to priority is an option.

One other approach which is possible is to use a date / time from a progressive capture question as the due date of business process tasks in a request to onboard a new starter, or if equipment is needed for a particular date.  Now this is not at the request level but it would allow tasks to have due dates linked to the start date, or required dates.

You can set these up on tasks by possibly mapping custom questions to custom fields on a request and setting those fields as date / time fields.  Then on in your business process use the get request info node in front of a task node and in the due date field for the task use the variable option and the value from the custom field in which the custom question has been mapped.

Hopefully that makes some sense?

I've attached a New Head Count business process as an example, in the last stage under fulfilment i have two tasks which need to be completed by the day the new start is joining the business and their start date in the custom field is used as the due date in the related tasks


new-head-count.bpm (2).txt

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