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Complete task by email response


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In our change process, authorization managers get email alerts from changes however they are not always able to get to a computer to agree the change and some could be urgent. Is it possible to make it so those who get email can reply in a way to move the process on rather than having to login directly to hornbill?



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Hi @gwynne

Are the managers picking the emails up on their mobiles?  if they have iOs or Android devices could they use the Hornbill mobile app to complete their authorisation tasks?

Alternatively and you may already be doing this, but are you using the following Service Manager option which will automatically send the approver an email, in the email they will have voting buttons (outcomes - approve, reject, tentative approval (if configured as an option).


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 08.01.51.png

Clicking on the voting buttons will take them into Hornbill (via mobile browser) but all they need to do is enter user name and password and their decision will be submitted and they will view the completed authorisation task.  The only exception to this is that if a reason is mandatory for the chosen outcome it will require them to enter the reason before the outcome is accepted. This is similar behaviour to that of solutions like Linkedin where you get an email notification about a new connection request, but the link in the email to confirm opens Linkedin for you to view the new connection - 

The above would require them to login but it is all prompted based on selecting an outcome from the email voting buttons? 

Hopefully either the use of the iOS or Androis native app, or the above email voting buttons option may help



Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 07.47.18.png

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