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service portal - showing all services on one screen?

lee mcdermott

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I'm sure I remember seeing a while back that there may be an update to enable viewing all services on one page in the service portal. At the minute if you have more than 6 services you have to select More services.


Is there the ability or will there be the ability to have all services showing and you can just scroll down the page?


It does cause us a slight issues as a lot of users don't bother clicking the more services so end up logging calls under the wrong service.





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7 hours ago, Chaz said:

Happy to say that a change to how we display icons is in our 90-day queue and we'll be starting on it soon.

Good to hear @Chaz its been a long time coming :) and I know its a problem i've seen often on the forum.

I'm sure you guys will review the other comments on the forum surrounding this area i.e. icon size and ordering and not just the removal of the "more" button to allow displaying more icons (although that is admittedly this biggest issue).



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I just wanted to update this post with information about our latest release.  As of Service Manager build 1189, there are now options to control the size of the service icons, the number of icons available per page, and which information is displayed along side each service icon.  This will cover some of the requirements discussed above.  Requirements that were not included will be considered in future releases.

Please see the following post for more information.




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