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Error in downloading Report


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I am getting HTTP error 500' when I try to download/open a report.

I have full 'Advance report Admin Role' on my profile, and was able to create, run and download before.

Please advise how I can solve this issue.




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Hi @Joyce,

If your report takes 30 minutes or more to run, then Power BI will timeout the R script. This is a limitation within the Power BI implementation of R, and cannot be changed. See this page for more information:


Due to this Power BI limitation, we have also provided an R script that will take a Run ID as well as the Report ID as its input parameters, which will then import data from report runs that have already completed. So you could point this at the report that the other R script initiated the run of, to get your data in to Power BI:


There is a post on the following forum, which describes the issue in more detail. This also allows Power BI users to vote on feature requests, which the Microsoft devs will then use to prioritise what goes in to Power BI. The more votes the better to get Microsoft to fix this odd limitation :)


I hope this helps,


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