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Dashboard reports against teams


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Hi All,


I'm doing some dashboards and i'd like to know if there is a way to select requests of child teams?

For example our IT operations hornbill organisational team contains five child teams who each resolve support requests.  if i wanted a dashboard to show how many incidents and service requests were raised by the whole division  could i run a dashboard that picked up and combined the tickets from all child teams?

I suspect i'd need to do a report for this but as im really getting a lot of use from the dashboards i thought it was worth asking.



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Hi @JBasey,

You have multiple options:

1. Create a measure and work on the conditions to filter on you specific teams, then add "Request Type" in the additional fields. Then create a widget based on that measure "grouped by" request type

2. Create a widget of type "List of Counters" and create 2 entries (Service Request / Incidents) and then work on the where clause to filter on the teams

Hope this helps.

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