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"Prince2" approach feedback


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I am testing this new app to see if we could use it internally. I don't know how this app was designed, but for big companies like mine, there are a few areas that would need changing to start working with this app. Let me explain in more details:

We use Prince2 as a project methodology. Therefore, we have a programmes manager, overseeing all projects in our various portfolios. Anybody can log a project request in the system. The request will then be reviewed by the programmes manager and assigned to a particular project leader (not the same person 99% of the time). Once the project leader is assigned, the project moves onto the "Starting up" phase of the Prince2 methodology and we start progressing the project until closure. (For more information on Prince2: https://www.prince2.com/uk)

Due to our interest, I am spending some time on this app. And just like with Service Manager, this starts with understanding how the system works and configuring it for us. So that's what I have been doing :) including reading the wiki page you put together.

My first impression is good. The interfacing with Service Manager is a great benefit! And I can see the potential of this app going forward. But in its current form, it is still too basic to compete with the solution we currently use.

So here is a list of changes / tweaks required (in my opinion) to elevate this brand new app:

  • Ability to manage multiple portfolios (could be done by adding a simple field and group the view on this new field? Something like "Program" maybe?)
  • Ability to use the details of the project in the BPM (i.e. just like "Get Request Details" for Service Manager BPMs) => this will provide the option to retrieve details and use it in the BPM. Assigning a task would become much easier!
  • Ability to update the details of a project via BPM
  • Ability to assign resources to a project via BPM
  • Ability to design custom forms in Progressive Capture and map some answers to the project details (e.g. what we can do with h_summary and h_description in Service Manager)
  • Ability to customise project details (using custom fields?) => We would need it for key information that do not match the existing fields *
  • Ability to print a summary of the project in a single document (ideally PDF to share with stakeholders outside the organisation - I know you don't like that at Hornbill, but business requirement exists...)

* Note: regarding the custom fields, I would like to share my views on your default fields. At the moment, the list of fields available does not mean much in the wonderful world of "projects" (particularly with Prince2). If you are not familiar with Prince2, I would be happy to spend some time with you going through the basics. But basically, this would be my "wishlist" of default fields for project details:

  • Executive Summary
  • Reasons
  • Business Options
  • Expected Benefits
  • Timescale
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Planned Benefit

In an ideal world, you could even "copy" what already exists with requests, by having only a few visible by default (unless they have a value)? And admins could choose with field to display by default?

Sorry for the lengthy post :wacko:... But I would rather share it now



PS: For a first version, it is very good though! And I will keep playing with it as much as I can :) 

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@Lyonel thanks very much for your post. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide this fantastic feedback :-)


We have many ideas for the Project Manager app and hope to start adding more and more features into the product very soon as we look to come out of the beta stage that the app is currently in. Your feedback is invaluable and I would encourage you to keep posting it here. Thanks again,



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7 minutes ago, Lyonel said:

Hi @Gerry, currently using Workfront but very much interested in a Hornbill solution :) 

Ok thanks, thats useful to know.  We are very keen to work with yourselves and other customers who have an interest in this solution area.  We know a thing or two about making software and technology to support it, we have a very nice platform that we can build such applications but we don't ourselves run project portfolio;'s in the context that you and our other customers do, so working together to understand your needs is very appealing. So keep on feeding back and I am sure you will see changes that take it in the right direction. 


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By the way, should you introduce the notion of program, we would definitely need a filter in this screen!


How ?? no idea... maybe a simple drop down? 

And i you also go for a Portfolio structure, you will need a similar screen but displaying all portfolios.


1 portfolio = N programs = X projects

This means a program has a global cost associated, with a specific ROI. And so does a portfolio :blink:

My point is the higher you go in the hierarchy of objects, the more consolidation of data you will need to do and display.

Talking of which, you are missing a key indicator I think: Return On Investment (ROI). In the project overview, having the list of milestones and active tasks is good, but not from a management / customer stand point. You will need I believe a more visual "overview" (or "summary") of the project with its overall progress % and currently planned completion date. I believe this could be easily achieved using all the white space you have on the top right hand side of the screen:


And for the cost section, you will need a sort of "summary" that would list:

  • Budgeted cost (which you already have)
  • Potential risk cost *
  • Planned benefit
  • Net Value = Planned benefit - (Budgeted cost + Potential risk cost)

I think I will stop here for now.

Have a nice week end guys!
* PS: Not 100% sure about the calculation with potential risk cost... I could have a look later but you get the picture! (I think it has something to do with cost associated to an individual risk * likelihood % that you call weight but I am not sure at all!)

Edited by Lyonel
Change of formula due to uncertainty of accuracy
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