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Unable to run Hornbill Clean Utility

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I am trying to tidy up our Hornbill instance before we go live by deleting all service requests.  I get a connection error running the hornbillCleaner_w32.exe, whereby I cannot establish the connection to the host (host has failed to respond).  Please see attached screenshot.  Any ideas on the error?




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Hi Shalil


Glad you saw my last post before it moved, can you also try the below instructions from the wiki:

HTTP Proxies

If you use a proxy for all of your internet traffic, the HTTP_PROXY Environment variable needs to be set. The https_proxy environment variable holds the hostname or IP address of your proxy server. It is a standard environment variable and like any such variable, the specific steps you use to set it depends on your operating system.

For windows machines, it can be set from the command line using the following: 
Where "HOST" is the IP address or host name of your Proxy Server and "PORT" is the specific port number.

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