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Hi @chriscorcoran

We came across this issue yesterday which occurs the first time that you open the customer search form from inbound emails, any subsequent attempts during your session should work correctly until you log out or do a full refresh on the browser.  

We have a fix in place and it will be available in the next update  (build > 1066) which is in testing as I type.



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Guest gregmarcroftorc

@David Hall Not sure if this is the same issue.

But in the last week we have found that we will click on 'Raise Request' and no Customer will appear, which makes us think that they are not yet created. We then go and create the user, and when we click on Raise Request, the Customer appears twice because it already existed in the first place.

I am also finding that I will add a new Customer, click on Raise Request, and no Customer appears. I click on back, then forward again and it appears.

Is this related?



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