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Risk Matrix


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A feature that we are looking to add to Project Manager very shortly is the ability to configure a risk matrix in the admin tool.

There will be 2 main input fields; Impact and Probability which will produce an overall Weighting.

When defining a Project Risk, you will be able to select an Impact and a Probability which will give you a pre-determined Weighting as defined in the Risk Matrix.

The options for Impact and Probability will be controlled by customers in the form of translatable simple lists. We will ship some options by default, currently scheduled to be High, Medium and Low.

Does this approach meet the requirements you have around project risks or would you like to see a different approach here?


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 16.28.16.png

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The latest update of Hornbill Project Manager is now available in the Hornbill App Store and contains the new Risk Matrix functionality, along with a secondary role for Project Administrators and clickable links when defining relationships to Hornbill Service Manager. The update also includes various bug fixes 

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