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Create Milestones as part of BPM

Darren Rose

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I've been having a good play with PM and it all seems to make sense based on what we saw the other week at your offices. 

I did have one enhancement idea / request, that would be hugely beneficial for us.

Could it be possible to create milestones in the BPM, and then associate tasks. It's a bit like parallel processing possibly?? 

If I could create milestones as part of a BPM, it would make templating our projects much easier. 

Haven't run into any other errors or problems yet, but will keep testing. 



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Hi Darren,

Thanks for posting. We are currently working on adding project templates to the app and with any luck they should be ready in the very near future. With regards to milestones as part of a business process, what sort of things are you looking to achieve here? Do you want to say, mark a milestone's status as complete? Or are you looking to be able to send notifications to other project stakeholders etc? We've so far held off building any actions for project management business processes as we've focussed on other areas but this is something we definitely have plans for in the future. Maybe it would help if you could list out your preferences for bpm options and they can be discussed on this thread?



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Ok great. So to give you an idea about what's coming with Project Templates:

- In the admin tool, you create a template by giving it a name, a description and a status.

- You can then build numerous related entities, such as milestones, tasks, costs, risks, project stakeholders, project documents etc against that template.

- We will provide a new form in progressive capture that will allow you to select a project template

- As you finish your progressive capture flow and create a new project with a template, the contents of that template is associated to your project.

- More than likely we will remove the concept of having a business process against a project type and will add both the business process and type as attributes against a project template. This will mean that the project type's primary function will change to being one of categorisation.



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Hello Alex,

Any news to that topic here about BPM and interaction with milestones? Update Milestone progress through an automated action?



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