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add version notes when publishing a new business process


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Hi Guys - I really like the recently released 'version control' tool added to the 'business process'  module. but what I think would improve it is the ability to add notes to each newly released version, so it can be clear what has changed.


a little button next to the 'eye' icon for viewing the processes, which allowed you to view release notes,


im guess you could do it by messing with the title and such -  but it would be nice to be able to view them from the publishing and revision manager. so you can click the notes for version 2, then version 3, then 4 etc, and just look at whatevers notes you wrote as to what you tweaked.


 The attached example only has a couple of releases, but on some processes theirs about 15 versions!


im probably not being very clear but hopefully you follow me,





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Hi Gary,

I will add something in. This will require db change (to store notes against each version) so i will need to co-ordinate with the core/xmlmc services team to get some changes done as well.

Will update you when i have a clear release timeframe, hopefully can be done quickly.


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@Gerry thanks for coming back to me on this. What I meant by "and across all applications" was simply that the same functionality should be implemented against any application using Business Process and / or Progressive Capture (not just Service Manager). It might sound "obvious", but I would rather say it now than regret it later ;)

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