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'click here to reload' - extra clicks

Claire Holtham

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Hi @Claire Holtham

We see the same on our instance - be good to hear what its supposed to do. It seems to imply it needs to be clicked to make something in the BPM move on. In our example I can't see anything happen.



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@Claire Holtham @nasimg this was introduced to cater for these type of scenarios:

  • multiple analysts action on the same request at the same time;
  • an analyst and BP action on a request at the same time (i.e. a BP resume).

For example, you have analyst A in the middle of typing an email. Analyst B opens the same request and sends an email (let's say is typing faster). Now analyst A might want to know that something happened to the request. he now has this visual indication and he can choose to continue or refresh the request to see how it was updated. It might be the case that the email analyst A was typing is now obsolete or redundant.

An even better example is when analyst A is typing an update or email. The request has a BP with a task that is configured to expire or analyst B does an action (e.g. assign)... both examples would resume the BP with, let's say, switch focus to "Resolution" or "Escalate". Let's say the task expires in the middle of analyst update/email. Before this prompt was introduced, the BP will automatically shift action focus away from the update or email to the "Resolution"  or "Escalate" action, the analyst effectively losing whatever he was doing/typing up to that point.

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