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Collaboration only users

Claire Holtham

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I'm wondering if I add 'Collaboration user' to the access of  some 'basic' users, whether they then would be able to authorise via activities.

At the moment, in the Service Manager bpm I can add an authorisation task, which full users receive an email notification, which they can click the 'authorise' button on. Would collaboration-only users be able to authorise that sort of authorisation task.

Any thoughts....


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While the 'Collaboration User' role is all you need to be able to view and take care of authorisation tasks, a 'Basic' user cannot log in to Hornbill's collaboration view to be able to action it. They would need to have their account type changed from 'Basic' to 'User' to be able to use this functionality.

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Thanks for your question. In short yes, a Hornbill Collaboration user has the ability to action activities such as authorisations. 

Key to this however being that the user doing the authorisation, or undertaking whatever BPM driven activity you are asking them to undertake, needs to be a subscribed Collaboration User.

Once subscribed the approval could be undertaken in a number of ways, via email, in the Hornbill Mobile App or via the main Browser Interface.



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I also got a phone call on this topic (thank you) and now know that a Collaboration only user can approve authorisation activities, including those raised via bpm on the service manager application (even though they do not have service manager user licence).

However, Collaboration users would only be able to see details of the service request that were on the activity itself (or in Document Manager if you use that).

(Sharing in case this is relevant to other users :-) C )

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