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Views - not producing expected results


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We generally struggle to find customers incidents if they don't have the call number.  It has been suggested that we use the view function and the add a view for     

all calls for *username*  where the customer name is the name you need to find 

I have instances where this doesn't work either and we can't locate the users calls. 

Whilst no calls are displayed for the customer we can find the incident, if they have the number 

Does anyone have a solution? clearly the the search / view facility doesn't work for us. It's quite frustrating 

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Just to add to this, in the next service manager update (due this week), we have added the ability to see a users' requests from their profile, so you could use the global search to find the user, and on their profile see all the requests for that customer (that you are entitled to view based on the teams you are in and the services your teams support - like the request list logic)

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 14.22.17.png

The wiki page for this is already available ahead of the next Service Manager update


Hope that will help too


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@Steven Boardman

Hi Steven,


I have update hornbill to allow this feature. however no one has access to the service manager tab.

I have to give them Service Manager role to allow them to see the tab and view  users calls.

As this will mainly be used or useful for 1st line staff logging and dealing with customers queries and calls is there any other way to allow them to see this tab without giving them full service manager role.

i had removed this role from analysts due to someone inadvertently renaming several services and not realising what they had done - which then broke all our progressive capture forms.



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@lee mcdermott

The users should not need the Services Manager role to see the Service Manager tab on a users profile, i've just tested this and my users who do not have the Services Managers role can see both the users requests (that they are entitled to see) and the services which the user is subscribed too (again if they don't have the Services Manager role but belong to a team which supports the service, they can drill down and see limited info about the users services, and if they don't support the Service, are not a service owner and don't have the Service Manager role then when they click on a service, they should see a message saying they don't have the rights to view that service. 

Would you mind sharing a screen shot or list the roles a user has assigned to them where they can't see the Service Manager tab on a users profile?

This feature was specifically introduced for just the reason you have cited, so the support teams should be able to access the Service Manager tab

Let me know the roles these guys have and i will try to replicate?


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@Steven Boardman

i think it may be working after all - i got 2 people to test it and they both didn't get the tab - but I think they hadn't refreshed their log in as I had just updated the system.


so probably a coincidence that after I added the role service manager to one person and they tried again they had also refreshed their log in.


so it does appear to be working now - sorry for any confusion.





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