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Hornbill signs Manag-E as a Strategic Solution Partner


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Hornbill signs Manag-E as a Strategic Solution Partner

In line with a recent announcement I made launching our Global Partner Program, I am excited to announce that Manag-E, a ITSM solutions company based in Norway, has signed up with Hornbill as one of our Strategic Solution Partners to help expand our footprint in the Nordic region.   With a long and mature 15-year track record, Manag-E has delivered ITSM solutions, support and consulting services to customers in Norway and Sweden.

The team at Manag-E have a great deal of experience delivering ITSM solutions based primarily on HP software products. Up until the end of 2016 they were offering HP Service Anywhere as a SaaS service desk solution to meet their customers’ ITSM needs. However, as part of the sell-off by HPE of its Enterprise Software business unit to Micro Focus which is due to complete by March 2017, HPE made an announcement confirming it was doing a bit of housekeeping and will discontinue new sales of the HPE Service Anywhere SaaS solution.  You can read more about this story here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/15/meg_whitman_hpe_saas/

Following this somewhat unexpected announcement Manag-E found themselves with a hole in their product portfolio and set out to find a solution that could fill the gap. 

Rolf Frydenberg, , adm. dir. Manag-E Norge AS  said “When we received the notice from HPE last year we had a hole in our product portfolio and needed to find something to fill the gap.  We reviewed and evaluated a number of solutions out there including Service Now, Cherwell and some local alternatives, but chose Hornbill Service Manager because it is a modern SaaS solution with some very good unique selling points, good regional language support and very powerful enterprise features.  Hornbill Service Manager is a very good alternative to HPE Service Anywhere, which we believe our customers will really like.  Hornbill are thinking differently and we really like that.”

We are in the very early stages of developing our global partner program and I am delighted to get the opportunity to work with Manag-E and welcome them to our Strategic Partner family, they are a professional team with a thorough understanding of their local market, I could not have wished for a better organization to represent Hornbill’s technology, brand and culture in the Nordic region.

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