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custom views in request list


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Good afternoon,

I have a question and I think its more of an enhancement request.

When our users create custom views in request lists they want to be able to see every call they have create or at the owner of or customer of. However because you cannot select and/or you can only select the option of raising a custom list as:

is the Owner 
is the Customer 
is Created by

This means they cannot see all of them under one filter

I have managed to get around this in the past by turning on app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising Then creating a custom view as is a member e.g.


However. If a user is a customer but hasn't raised the call themselves. for example, they have submitted a change request however we do not allow everyone to put these on hornbill only a couple of people control them going onto the system. the user has been added as a customer as they have made the change request BUT because they have not raised it in hornbill they have not been applied to the account as a member either. this means when the check their calls in the customer filters - this request is not showing up, is it possible to put in a And/or decider aswell as the is/is not?

I hope this makes sense


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