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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

Thanks for the post.  

Could i confirm if you are referring to the request list view?  the challenge we have with request assets, or in fact request members, request connections etc is that a request can have multiples of these not just one value for this field on the request list column like request status, or priority.

Is this the view you are referring to?


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf thanks for getting back to me. Sorry if i am not understanding the requirement, under the asset management menu options there is a Manage Assets option which gives you the option to either view all assets, or assets by type in list format.  On the list view you choose you can decide which asset attributes to display, their order, you can sort by columns and filter using the quick filter like the request list view also.


Is this what you were after?  if you can't see the view i am describing do you have the rights to manage assets?


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Excellent - Thanks @Steven Boardman, not sure why I haven't noticed this previously? I wonder if this is a recent 'add on'.

With like the requests, is there a functionality to arrange 'views'?  I know a report can be done, but we find the 'views' option a great one.


I have previously requested this as have others, any ideas on an update as to when we will be able to export in a csv format from this screen?

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