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Hornbill is launching its Global Partner Program


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Hornbill is launching its Global Partner Program

At the beginning of 2015 Hornbill launched Hornbill Service Manager, a Collaborative Enterprise Service Management solution that brings something fresh, innovative and new to the ITSM and ITIL solution market.  Our technology is intuitive, modern and easy for customer to adopt while offering an exceptional level of very powerful functionality.  We deliver features continuously and our platform is always up to date so our customers never need to worry about upgrading or the cost and disruption that upgrade projects bring.  No code is required to customize the solution and all customizations are guaranteed to work after every update.  Our solution has proven to be very disruptive with No Contract Tie-In, scale up and down as you need and Priced for Life means once subscribed our customers never need to worry about price increases and the icing on the cake - Free Implementation!

We designed our platform with the international community in mind.  Our cloud platform is global with our front end applications being served locally on all continents in 49 countries and 100 unique cities delivering local performance globally.  Our platform and our applications handles language, translations and localisation exceptionally well which makes it easy to bring global teams together seamlessly through our powerful collaboration foundation.

Our initial product launch has been focused on our flagship application Hornbill Service Manager and via a direct sales channel led out of the UK; we have gained good traction with the solution now being actively used every day in many countries. The graph below (not to scale) was generated from our cloud platform user data representing all subscribed users, so gives you a sense of where in the world our solution is already being used daily.

With a proven foundation of customers, a proven business model and a unique market proposition, we are now seeking to expand our footprint globally.

Our strategy is to identify and work with just a small number of strategically aligned partners to represent our technology, brand, values and our open and transparent ethos.  Our partner program starts with two levels of partnership:

Solution Partner is vendor agnostic/multi-vendor reseller where they typically offer a choice of competing products and have the capability of delivering services and first line support wrap arounds as well as having the expertise to advise customers on best product fit in the pre-sales phase of the customers buying cycle.  There are many of these kinds of organisations that may wish to add our offering to their product portfolio so we have designed a program that fits.

Strategic Solution Partners have the same sales and services capabilities as a Solution Partner but are strategically aligned with one vendor and do not offer other competing products/solutions.  We think about SSP’s as an extension of Hornbill and as such have greater access to our internal systems and people including insight into our technology and product future roadmaps and so on and of course more generous revenue share structure.

Our business model is quite unique which offers some very compelling commercial advantages to our customers. Our offering is very disruptive but when we talk about innovations like Priced for Life, No Contract Tie and Free Implementation it may be difficult to understand at first glance how a partner can make money.  Our proposition is disruptive and does not “just work the old way”, we have developed a revenue share model that enables partners to build good revenue streams while still being able to offer customers all the benefits of our unique offering.

We are still in the early stages of our partner program development which we will be formally rolling out during the first half of 2017.  In the meantime, I am particularly interested in finding a small number like-minded organisations who would like to consider joining our strategic partner program and even helping us shape our partner strategy. I am particularly interested in organisations that could represent us in North America, Canada, Australia and of course the EU (especially Germany, France, Italy and Spain and the Nordics).  If you want to find out more, please get in touch Click Here


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