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We would like to use the customer feedback rating option available. However the German works council will not allow this in Germany. They are not so much against German users entering a rating but are against analysts being able to see the individuals rating within requests themselves. As the rating functionality is at a catalog item level there is no way to control this by site/country etc.

We'd like a way to exclude users of specific sites from having to provide feedback or alternatively exclude analysts from seeing the ratings for these users within a request.

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your post.

I don't believe that we have anything in our backlog at the moment which would cover this.  One way to possibly address this until a feature is available is to set up a Service for the site that does not want the feedback options.  However, if you have a large number of services already this may be a challenge.

Would having an option on the Service to show or hide the feedback on the request work? Or do you need that ability to differentiate between users from different sites as you mentioned.



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Hi @James Ainsworth 

I suspected that might be the case. I also fear that its not something most users will not need (especially if not working globally).

Creating specific services won't work as we'd have to duplicate the entire service catalog for these users. Similarly an option on the Service to hide feedback wouldn't work because we need that site granularity.

What would work is a global setting to hide user feedback from being shown to the analyst in the any request. This way we could still report on the feedback whilst not allowing analysts to see it in the request.


Hope that clarifies.





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Hi @Keith

Adding a global system setting to control the visibility of the feedback section on the analyst view of the request is only a small change.   We have created the story, and added it to our minor changes list, we look to include one or two of these per update,  and we will post back here once it is available.


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