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Assigning Team in during Progressive Capture


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I am having trouble locating a method to assign a Team during the Progressive Capture phase. The Wiki lists a method by using the "Analyst Assignment" option in Forms (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Workflow) , but I do not see that option. Instead, the closest option I see is "Assignment", and it lacks options to assign a Team or Analyst. Is it  now only possible to assign a Team in the Business Process phase?





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Hi James,

Thank you for the information.

What I was looking for was a method to automatically set the Team either during the Progressive Capture or Business Processes.

  1. Option 1 - During the Progressive Capture. After having the user use the Request Details Form to enter the Request Summary, use a Branch to navigate many different options, and automatically select a team to be assigned the ticket. 
  2. Option 2 - During the Business Processes. Use the value set for the Request Summary, or some other variable set during the Progressive capture, to automatically assign a Team.

Are either of those possible? 



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Hi Evan,

The Progressive Capture is more about information collection and isn't really suited to automated actions.  This will more likely sit in your Option 2, the Business Process (BPM).

Using the BPM's Get Info operation you will be able to extract any information that has been captured and is stored against the request and then follow this with a decision node to assign to the appropriate team based on the outcome.

The Custom Progressive Capture forms can be useful for asking specific questions that may help with the direction of the BPM.  The responses to the Custom Progressive Capture forms can be evaluated in the BPM using variables and a decision node can determine which team it is assigned to.  The starting point will be deciding what information needs to be captured to determine which team it will be assigned to.   




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