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Re-Assigning Activities


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We will definitely be using the reassign to another request owner function if for example someone goes on leave or is off sick.  We have noticed however that although the request re-assigns, any outstanding activities remain with the original request owner and the new request owner can't move the process on.  If the original request owner is going on hols then they can re-assign their activities to the new request owner before re-assigning the request but if they go off unexpectedly we have a problem.  Is there a role that we can allocate to particular users that gives then the ability to complete activities for any users in their team in order to get round this problem?


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@SJEaton @JBasey @HHH this is indeed a bit odd... the role should be in Service Manager and I can see it isn't... we are investigating this... actually it is:

EDIT: right, so after a chat with dev team it seems that we do not have this as a stand-alone role, the "Advanced Task Completer" has been moved to being application right included in following roles: Incident, Service Request, Problem, etc. Full Access and Service Desk Admin. So you need to assign one of this roles to users that need to have this advanced task completer option...


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