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Michael Taylor

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How do you get a link to display in custom sql in widgets ... which are then used in dashboards?

I've the following sql, but it just displays the text :(


SELECT h1.h_linked_entity_id AS category,
         h3.h_summary AS cat_summary,
         CONCAT('<a href=''https://live.hornbill.com/bits/servicemanager/request/view/',h2.h_pk_reference,'/''>',h2.h_pk_reference,'</a>') AS ticket_number,
         h2.h_summary AS ticket_summary,
         DATE_FORMAT (h2.h_datelogged, '%Y-%m-%d') AS LOGGED_DATE,
         IFNULL(h2.h_fk_user_name,'USER LEFT') AS customer
    FROM h_sm_relationship_entities h1, h_itsm_requests h2, h_itsm_requests h3
   WHERE     h1.h_entity_id = h2.h_pk_reference
     AND     h1.h_linked_entity_id = h3.h_pk_reference
     AND     h2.h_status = 'status.open'
     AND     h2.h_ownerid = 'some_user@an_email_address.com'
     AND     h2.h_pk_reference LIKE 'IN%'
ORDER BY h1.h_linked_entity_id ASC, h2.h_pk_reference ASC




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@Michael Taylor

Can you post a screen shot of the widget you are trying to get a link to work in and are their any other types of widget you would want to have links available.

Currently its not possible i can check with development to see if its something that could be catered for.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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