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Send email if request goes off-hold


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When we set up a request to go on-hold (Sub Status) if a customer replies to it, the request re-opens automatically and a basic email notification is sent to the analyst stating that the request has been updated by the customer.

This is great, however we would like to be able to manually set a reminder at the point of putting a ticket on-hold. Somewhere under here:

There should be a slider button which if "On" will bring up an area where you can either
1. Define a template / snippet to use or
2. Manually write the contents of the email

The email address field should allow us to populate with one or more users.

This is great for those urgent reminders of things that need to be done as soon as a ticket comes off hold.



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I was just browsing the forum looking to see if anyone had worked out how to get an email notification for the owner of the call as soon as it came off hold. Your suggestion @samwoo would be perfect.

I think we used to get an email when calls came off hold in the old system,  I can't see how to do that for Service Manager...

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