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I hope someone can help here.

I have a need to create a report for Changes at different stages in the business process to be used in our CAB meetings. We have four stages for Change, two of which are CAB (awaiting approval) and Work in Progress (approved or Standard Change) and I need to create a report that lists all Changes in the CAB stage and a second report that lists all Changes in the Work in Progress stage.

I've touched on this in another thread a little while ago and someone suggested using sub-status which seemed to be a potential way to do this, but in practice, I encountered difficulties with the business process (I don't want to digress into that, but can elaborate if needed).

Is there a table that contains the reference and the business process stage that I can use for the reports?

We are unable to use boards for this as many of the people who come to our CAB meetings do not use Hornbill directly or are from a third party.

More than happy to clarify anything that doesn't make sense




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Hi @chrisnutt

The link between a request and the stage/checkpoint, IS currently stored in the DB but its stored in a way that is designed towards efficiency - using XML and long "State" strings rather than individual components in columns and records - basically making it very difficult to report upon. 

My personal suggestion in this scenario is to create a Change Board  - I know you mentioned that not everyone has visibility of it, but its still a useful resource anyway for those who are Hornbill users. Set up your Change Business Process to automatically move the request between specific lists you create within your board - like the examples you have mentioned "With CAB " and "Work In Progress". 

Once you have set up this board and its working - you can actually report on the board itself - for example, "How many requests do we have in the "Work In Progress" state. You could perform a join between the h_itsm_board_cards table and the h_itsm_requests table to get all the information required in your report if you wanted to create it using our reporting functionality to export to HTML CSV and distribute to the third party. 

I hope this makes sense - in summary, report on your Change Board rather than report directly on the request stages. If you can create the board and it works, feel free to post back here and I can provide some assistance in setting up the report if you require. 

Kind Regards


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Hi @Bob Dickinson

Yes, that makes complete sense. We have the BusPro set up already to do the boards as although its usefulness was limited for the CAB meetings it was still a useful visual representation for our change manager.

I'll set up the report as you suggest and let you know if I encounter any issues.

Thanks again


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