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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1048)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1048) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • More criteria available is now available when creating Views on the Request List and for configuring Charts {CH00145110}
  • You can now refine the list of Services using a new filter
  • A paper clip icon is displayed against timeline entries for emails that contained attachments {CH00145524}
  • Progressive Capture can now branch on the h_company value
  • If the Customer of a Request moves to another Organization, you are now informed when viewing a Request and can update the values if necessary {CH00147133}
  • Ability to remove a Request from a board within the board action item {CH00145487}
  • You can now send notifications for authorization tasks by email, enabled using the application setting app.request.sendEmailToAuthorisers {CH00145681}
  • Improve layout of edit board popup {CH00147764}
  • Improved the Sites Progressive Capture form (CH00147365)
  • When selecting multiple Requests, all of the available actions can now be found in one place {KE00146050}
  • When using Organization Details progressive capture form, allow "h_company" to be used in a decision branch
  • When using Organization Details progressive capture form, allow "h_company" to be used in a decision branch
  • Request popup had the wrong label for customers when viewing Service Requests
  • The following roles have been updated: "Self Service Request Cancel User", "Service Desk Admin"
  • Small UI improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • If a Request did not have a summary, it would show as 'undefined' in Workspaces, Timelines and on the Change Calendar
  • Can now view Requests in the Portals that are associated with a Service that has now been deleted
  • Issues rejecting the opportunity to leave feedback
  • Could not load more requests in mobile app-in-app
  • If you made a mistake uploading a file through the portals, you could not remove the file without a refresh
  • Could not load Request list in mobile app
  • Could not use the Me Too option in the portals for Known Issues
  • Updated the default Progressive Captures
  • Export button in request list is now visible on smaller screens
  • Requests logged through auto responder no longer start with "Email sent by..."
  • Raising a new Request through the auto responder could set the wrong source type and could cause the description to be set to undefined
  • Images of Assets are now be hidden on smaller screens making it easier to access additional functionality when an asset is in policy in Configuration Manager
  • The 'All' option was not always highlighted when viewing the Request list
  • Long file names now wrap if there's not enough space for them on one line
  • The option to resolve multiple Requests would not be available after linking Requests without a refresh
  • Feedback form was not automatically presented when viewing a closed Request in the Portal {PM00147873}
  • Request action tabs were only disabled when on hold if the user's language is English
  • If a Service is deleted, anyone supporting it will retain access to the related Requests
  • Empty email body text would result in "false" being written to the request description
  • You could add the same User/Service/Team etc.. multiple times to views {KE00147783}
  • Reload current criteria instead of home view when revisiting Request list
  • When resolving multiple Requests you are now presented with the errors rather than having to look for them
  • Unable to complete Progressive Capture if you de-select a selected priority {PM00147961}
  • The star rating for a contact's feedback in the Progressive Capture was not shown correctly
  • The Request list would show Requests that had no Service against them but were assigned to a team you are not a part of
  • If you only support a single Service you would get errors in the Request list
  • Could not always select Services when building Views on the Request list
  • If a the Assign action has been locked on a Request, you will no longer able to Assign the Request using the Request popover
  • You can now use custom fields in email templates when creating Request specific templates (when using the Incident entity for example)
  • No longer able to add request to a board, or assign request from Request List when the action is locked for any of the selected requests {PM00147824}
  • The resolution box would not get bigger as you typed more text
  • Further improvements to the apply email popup {KE00147497}
  • Issue with linking assets {PM00148067}
  • There was an error when opening a Request notification through the Mobile app
  • Error when moving a card from one list to another in Boards through the BPM
  • When completing an Impact Assessment, if there's no level that matches your weighting, the value is now cleared
  • Some emails contained content that was on a single line causing updates or descriptions to lose spacing between new lines of text
  • When using the Apply Email pop-up, too much spacing could be preserved {PM00147183}
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