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Web Call on Asset Change

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A colleague from our Integration Team has a query:


Is it possible in Hornbill to configure a web call when an Asset is changed?  Specifically if an asset is assigned (Used By / Owned By) could hornbill make a web call to an end point we specify with selected information (User, Asset Number, Operating System etc)?

Please advise,


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Hi @samwoo

As DeadMeatGF suggests you should be able to use the Asset Update for this.  This will create a web call on all updates, so your end point might need a way to filter it down to just the criteria that you are looking for such as when it is assigned.  This is done in Administration under System->Settings->Webhooks.





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I have a query from the Integrations Officer looking into Integrations:


Hi Sam,


I have had a little play with the webhooks from hornbill on Asset Update.  While this is useful there is one small limitation hat would complicate any design if we wanted to use.  Below is an example of the information posted, on an Asset update, as you can see we are getting the internal Hornbill Asset number.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <eventTime>2017-09-19 11:32:11Z</eventTime>
        <actionByName>Keith Drew</actionByName>

What would be really useful would be for the complete Asset record to be posted by the web hook, not just the information that has changed as is currently the case. Could you please ask on the Hornbill forum, if it is possible for a webHook to post the complete record.


If it is not then we would have to utilize the API on top of a webHook so we can query the asset that has been updated.




Keith Drew

Please advise.


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