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Email straight to ticket

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Hello, I had a question as I haven't fully figured out if this is something even possible in the system. Based on what I have found in the Wiki it looks like it is but without a personal test site yet (which we are work to for our switch on) I can't verify.

Anyway the question regards emails and how they interact with a ticket, so say I send an email from the ticket: 


When the user reply's to this email I just sent where does it go? Does it automatically link back to the ticket (preferred method) or does it just generically drop into one of the mailboxes configured? If the latter happens does this mean I have to manually associate my ticket to the email? This is assuming I am not using the rule configuration found on the wiki: image.thumb.png.43e599ec661ee99b77bd39c58a8cf2b1.png 

So assuming I need to have a rule in place in order to have the emails auto attach to the tickets, what limitations will I run into? does this mean only incidents and service requests can be configured like this? What about change requests?

Thanks and let me know if I need to clarify anything, I tried this in the Hornbill Demo site but it doesn't appear the email box has the ability to receive any emails based on the "inbound mail service".

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