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Time Recording - remembering last duration of the same action

Martyn Houghton

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When using time recording on requests actions, undertaking an action again on the same request in the same session, it will retain the value you entered previously.  For example if you do an email action and enter 0:20 in the time recording box for that action, when you come to do a second email though the time display at the bottom of the email does not show value, when you click on it to enter a value, it then shows the previous value.

I can see how some people would want each action to have to enter the time individually each time and some who would want it to retain the default, so would be be possible to have this configurable via a role of some kind? When this is turned on to retain the value, the value is displayed at the bottom of the action as the initial value rather than having to click on it to view/recall the value?



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