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I've been having a play with the different ProCap Forms as thought I might be able to utilise them to enable a customer to search for their own name or their managers' name and it then bring in their details rather than them having to fill these in as questions on the ProCap. I can't seem to get these to appear in the ProCap though so am I right in thinking that these Forms are only beneficial if you are completing a ProCap via the Service Desk and not via the Portal?  



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As far as I'm aware, if you're logged into the Portal the ProCap knows who you are and "skips" the Customer form while populating the values in the background without user input.

In the Service Desk the assumption is you're raising a call on someone's behalf and the Customer Search form is displayed.

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As @DeadMeatGF mentions, the customer/organisation forms are skipped when logging a request via either the Service or Customer portals, as it inherits the details from your login to the portal.

I believe there was some discussion about adding the feature to allow you to add connections to a request from the progressive capture so your could indicate the a third person, but I am not sure that has got anywhere past the discussion stage.



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@Martyn Houghton

The feature for adding connections in progressive capture is actually in development and likely to be available over the next few weeks.   The primary focus was to provide this Progressive Capture for to support staff.  I will test and confirm how or if this would work for customers on the portals.



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