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Selecting Multiple Calls


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It is excellent to see the the availability of being able to select multiple calls and arrange to reassign and add to board (only).  This is excellent!

Would there be an option to update multiple calls?  I did hear a while back that the update option was scheduled and would come into play soon. With that being said, it would also be useful to select multiple calls from a particular board also - has this been mentioned previously or due to be scheduled at some point?

Thanks again

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Hi @shamaila.yousaf,

In the next Service Manager update (to be available in the week commencing 29th August), the option to action on multiple Requests will be contained within the Actions button within the Requests List.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.17.18.png

This opens a pop-up and includes the options to add to a Board, assign to a team or/and analyst, post an update or resolve / close.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.11.33.png

Please also confirm that the following Application Setting in the Service Manager App is enabled:

  • app.experimental.multipleRequestsAction



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Thanks @Ehsan I will have someone check the above and make the necessary changes if required.

That is great thanks.  At present the actions for assign/add to board only appear in the Requests List if you multi select .

I have also noticed that at present you can only multi select calls which appear in an 'open' state and if all calls are of the same call type i.e. incident or service request.  Example: If I select calls from incidents then the option for assign/add to board is visible, will disappear if i add calls from a Service Request. 

Is this the intended way?..I would assume that any call type can be selected?  




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That's right, the Actions button will be present only if multiple Requests are selected. The assign and add to Board actions will be contained in one pop-up from the next Service Manager update.

That is indeed intended - you can only select Requests that are associated to the same Service and Request Type to respect visibility and processes.

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@shamaila.yousaf just to add to what Ehsan has confirmed above, there are out of the box restrictions on request type, and the services which requests are logged against when you are performing multi-select actions.   There are however global systems available to your administrator should you wish to remove one or both of these restrictions.  This is covered on the wiki here, as well as some of the considerations to think about:



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