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Organisation Name to be available in Custom Expression

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At the moment in order branch in a progressive capture based on the Organisation in question, you have to include the organisation details node as well as the customer search one. Also it is only the Organisation ID that is presented to the branch node.

Would really useful to have the Organisation Name provisioned to the branch node and not need to include the organisation details node in the progressive capture on the basis that the organisation can be inferred from the customer contact.




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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

We have exposed "Organization Details->h_company" Custom Expression to Organization Details progressive capture form. This will be available in the next Service Manager update.



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Would it be possible to expose more information in the progressive capture from the Orgainsation Details node.
We currently display information in the PCF depending on country by using translations. But at the moment we have customers in four english speaking countries and two french speaking so we have to maintain separate PCF's for each of these.
Being able to have a conditional field that depends on organisation country or even more preferred one of the custom fields where we can store "default service desk" would be a huge help

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