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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1040)


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Hello Everyone 

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1040) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Update multiple Requests from the Request list


  • Who an email is from is now included in the timeline for actions performed by Auto Responder
  • You can now add more than one Connection to a Request
  • Fixed issue with action buttons in Request List by representing with icons and added tooltips
  • Added feedback when adding multiple requests to boards in the requests list
  • Showing a user's handle instead of their ID when viewing the list of members of a board


  • Escalation action did not always set currently selected priority
  • If there were no approved authorisers available the action would just show a loading icon instead
  • Filtering a board by a user could cause the list of users to look empty
  • The HUD would not show for Change Requests in the Portals
  • Only showing ordering options in the Portals if there are more than one Known issue available
  • Unable to modify Service Details access value to private
  • Request and Closure categories would display differently when viewing a Request and when changing the category
  • Customer's Site is not populated in a request, if raised through Auto Responder
  • Basic users can now be added as Connections to Requests in the BPM
  • The source for Requests raised through AutoResponder rules is now set to Email with a link back to the original email
  • Could not raise a Requests where attachments contained the word "session" in their name
  • Activities against a cancelled request are not cancelled despite enabling the App Setting
  • Marking Response or Fix Timers for deleted Service Levels would error
  • Numeric fields for Assets would allow other characters
  • Improved the ability to handle restarting a broken Business Process due to Mailbox rights
  • You could not log a Request through the Portals with an attachment if the file name included a '\' character
  • Service Level indicator for a cancelled Request is now grey
  • Improved performance of the Asset details page
  • Improved Asset details for smaller screens
  • The list of Assets would compressed when switching between types
  • Choosing multiple organisations in a View would cause the same name to appear for each one
  • Display issue when viewing a Service with a deactivated business process
  • Improved formatting, introduced more options and made the description for bulletins optional
  • AutoResponder actions will now attempt to continue the Business Process
  • Links in Customer / Raised by section are opened in a new tab
  • Deleting a Service will no longer affect the details of a Request
  • You could not create a view with more than one reference
  • Bulk actions now shown in the Request list when using the quick filter
  • If you filter the timeline your preference is remembered as you move between Requests
  • SLA separator on a Request no longer displayed when there are no Service Levels
  • You can now paginate through the list of available Requests when applying an Email to a Request
  • The wrong counters were shown in the Request List when the default view had been unset manually
  • Unable to sort request list by department
  • Requests scheduled longer than a month were not displayed in the Change Calendar
  • A newly raised Request would not always appear in the "Apply Email to Request" popup
  • When raising a Request from an Email it was incorrectly truncated in Progressive Capture
  • The Contact Search form wrongly pre-populated in Progressive Capture
  • Edit button now longer out of it's container
  • Any supported icon can now be used when defining a Service
  • Service Levels of a Request updated through the BPM were not re-calculated
  • The log for a Board now supports wiki markup
  • The owner's user ID was shown instead of their name when printing a request
  • Mentions are now formatted correctly when printing a request
  • 'Wait for Closure Category' BPM operation would not work without resolving or closing the Requestion first
  • Raising a Request from a post with an image now includes the image in the Request's description
  • When creating a rule for Corporate Service Levels the list of Catalogs items was empty, now showing a list of all available Catalog items
  • Link Requests action included Cancelled requests
  • If you delete a priority, it will now still show in the Request List and Details if a Request was still using it
  • Items with long names would not appear correctly in Views when creating or editing them
  • It was possible to update a Request with higher visibility option than you were allowed to see
  • Timeline update for adding a Connection was incomplete if a User's handle contains a parentheses
  • Removed blank space under the Request list when revisiting page
  • Canceling a request from portals did not work if the Request was on hold
  • When the teams supporting a service is changed, views were not restricted correctly
  • Wrong labels were shown for the buttons when uploading attachments in Progressive Capture
  • Warning message now shown when trying to view a board not shown with you instead of a blank page
  • Attachments with a long file name in Self Service could not be added to a Request
  • If a team no longer supports a service but a request is no longer assigned to them, the assign tab will no longer be populated with the current owner's details
  • Clicking on the OK button after raising a Request from an email now takes you back to the list
  • Not all validation errors were shown correctly in Progressive Capture forms
  • Emails are now marked as read when a Request has been raised from it
  • No timeline entry was made containing the 'On Hold Until' and 'Reason' when placing a Request on hold via BPM
  • Portal search results no longer open in a new window and the back/cancel buttons will work as expected
  • Text based criteria in views, such as the summary, will no longer be combined which made it difficult to edit existing views
  • Videos were not displaying in the Request details solutions tab
  • No link available to an Email in timeline when an email was sent from the Request details page
  • The embedded info for requests in an activity stream will show the summary as 'undefined' if it is empty
  • If a bookmarked page is no longer available in the Portals, it will now default to the first available tab
  • Breadcrumbs showing the team's ID instead of their name in the admin tool
  • Removed hardcoded text being added in attachment description when raising request with an attachment
  • Request details are now updated when the request is modified through BPM without updating Timeline
  • Could not copy an existing view if view does not support a value in the third column (is empty/last 7 days)
  • The value of a Connection Types with a long name was truncated in Connections section of a Request
  • Filters in Requests List were not reset when applying the Home view in the Mobile app
  • Only having the "Service Manage" role would allow you to view the details of a Service, now available to any role with the appropriate rights
  • There was no warning that the Service Level would breach when changing the Service Level associated to a Request
  • The pop-up for resolving Linked Requests would remain open if a Request cannot be resolved
  • The Save button is now disabled unless the criteria for a View changes
  • Was not always possible to reference Request ID from BPM Get Request Information operation
  • When resolving multiple Requests the summary is not properly truncated
  • The clear option next to the Category Selector would open a popup instead of clearing the value
  • The active tab was not always displayed in the Portals
  • Unable to perform Asset Global Search due to error in stored query
  • Asset Management User now able to use Asset Global Search
  • You could not see who you had shared a View with
  • When raising a Request through the Portals, it was possible that you wouldn't be directed to the Request view
  • The counters against Services in the Portals will now update when Requests are created or closed
  • Global Request Search now available when no Services are defined in Catalog Portfolio
  • When linking Assets with similar IDs to a Request, it could sometimes fail to do so
  • If you had the 'All' option selected in your default request list view, it would like no request types had been selected
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