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GDPR Closed Discussion Club

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As GDPR is ever closer I have created a club that offers a secure place for Hornbill users/customers to discuss GDPR related topics with each other as well as with the team at Hornbill. We are interested in ensuring our platform and applications are fully supportive of our customers initiatives to be GDPR compliant but understand there is a great deal of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about what this means to organisations and further more these discussions could be sensitive. For this reason I have created a closed club that only Hornbill Customers and Hornbill Staff are invited to participate in. My goal is to foster constructive shared conversations where we can discuss issues around GDPR where I hope we can draw a better collective understanding of what GDPR means in practice, as well as drivers for our product roadmaps moving forwards.

If you want to join this closed club please IM myself (Gerry) and if you are an existing Hornbill customer I will add you to the group


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