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Service manager update Issue


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Good afternoon,


I have just updated to the latest version of the service manager, once i then logged into the application i noticed it had actually uninstalled the app, has anyone else had this issue, and do we have a way to find out what happened?


Presumably i just need to re-install but will this mean i have lost all the work previously done?

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@DeadMeatGF / @Victor I have just re-installed and everything seems fine now, i am still showing as having an update available for the Service Manager, but it does not give me the option to update.


I will leave the update for now, and run few checks, appreciate the prompt replies as it was rather concerning.



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@DeadMeatGF @Awalker just to give you a bit of reassurance, if by any chance, an update does encounter an error and not completes, it will appear as "uninstalled" but it does not affect any data or existing configuration. For example, not that I recommend it, you can uninstall/install an app at any time, you will notice that once reinstalled you will have back all data and configuration. But I agree, not a cool thing to experience :( 

@Awalker Good to hear that all is ok with Service Manager. The option to update is most likely there because the previous update did not complete successfully, but you have installed it back so it means everything you need is there... we're investigating to see what went wrong during the update.

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