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Tickets resolved per team

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I am trying to create a couple of widgets without much success.

I need to know how many tickets we resolved last month per team and how many have been resolved so far this month per team.

I have the following statement:

(h_requesttype = 'Service Request' OR h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND  (h_dateresolved >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND (h_resolvedby_teamname = ' IT Service Desk)

But although it shows resolved tickets this month overall (if I remove the (h_resolvedby_teamname = ' IT Service Desk)) I cant get it to show per team.

I also cant work out the statement required to show last months numbers for anything. I thought I would be clever and change the interval to 2 MONTH but as you imagine it just adds the last months numbers to the current months numbers (I should have guessed)

Any help appreciated




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Hi @Dan Munns

In terms of last months requests, try this:

(h_requesttype = 'Service Request' OR h_requesttype = 'Incident') 
AND (h_dateresolved >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 2 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY)
AND (h_dateresolved < LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH))
AND (h_resolvedby_teamname = 'IT Service Desk)

Does this work for you?

Kind Regards


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