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Improvement to Boards action

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Can I suggest a slight (imo) improvement to the Boards actions?
Currently we are using the boards to indicate to our Facilities teams where a call sits. We have one board per site, and lists for the various teams on each site.
To move a request onto the correct site currently takes 3 decision nodes (see attached) which isn't onerous in itself, but this process has to be repeated every time we have to move from one list to another.

Can I suggest that either the "Automatically pick up the value" option for Board Name defaults to 'the board it's already on' or there is an extra option of 'Current Board' or similar so that we can slide across boards without endlessly repeating code?

Screenshot 2017-08-03 09.44.54.png

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

A challenge that we might have is that a request can belong to multiple boards.  Picking up a board name for where the request is on may return more than one board name so you might be back to decision nodes.

I will make sure this is posted internally to see if there are some ideas that we can put forward to help improve this.



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This is very true, I didn't consider that.

Would it be possible to have the board name assigned by a variable (with the action being ignored if there is no match) as it appears you can now do with the Lists? I agree with previous comments on the reasons for not increasing the number of outputs on a decision node, so I wouldn't be asking you to look down that route.

That way I could simply use the request.site value to identify the board.

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