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Reporting time spent


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Every month we create a report of all requests solved in the previous month. For now we were using Time Spent on tasks to evaluate the time spent and bill customers for billable hours. We are now making the transition to be using Timesheet Manager for this. Categories are created and the data is being filled. But I am unable to find a good way to have this data from Timesheet Manager in the request report I created. When looking at the database the table h_timesheet_values is shown. In the reports section of Service Manager I'm unable to select this table to input data. Also I cannot find a good key to link a request with the time spent. The only key I can find is the h_related_urn which displays data as follows: urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:IN00000963

Is there a way to create a report per request with the time from Timesheet Manager?



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@m.vandun you can definitely create a report per Request through Timesheet Manager, every URN will start with


 so you can have a like condition that looks like this


You will get each individual row for every entry in Timesheet Manager, but it will get you the data you're after. You can also use the various date and time columns in order to get just the values for a specific month if that's what you're after. Hope that helps.

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I'm able to create a report from the Timesheet Manager, but i'm unable to link these data to the request details like summary, date logged, date solved who solved the request etc. How can I create 1 report with both data from Timesheet Manager and Service Manager?

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Reports only cater for one app at a time, but you can use widgets under the Advanced Analytics tab to create lists of data which might help you in this situation.

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