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Filter Priority based on request type

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

This is probably a simple thing but can you filter the priorities displayed in the drop down based on the request type?

I have a large number of service requests logged with P1-P4 priorities and a few incidents logged as 1/2 day requests.

I have tried explaining to the relevant teams that incidents are logged with P1-P4 and service requests are logged as 1/2 or 5 day requests but it has fallen on deaf ears (many times) so if they don't have the option to get it wrong then it will make my life easier (and reporting a lot more accurate)

I thought that they would filter based on the fields in the SLAs but that isn't the case.



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@Dan Munns we have the same list of priorities ... I mean quite a few and used for different request types... what we did was to use custom forms ... then the BP picks up the answer and assigns the correct priority.... another idea would be for BP again to check if the request has a "valid" priority. If not, lock everything on the request (everything but escalate action), create a task and only unlock and continue the BP once a valid priority exists...

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