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Progressive Capture Custom Questions Report


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I've a feeling that this may have been asked before but I am unable to find it in a search.

I have a number of progressive captures that have customised forms and I would like to run a report on what the answers to these questions are for each request. I hope this is possible! If so, how can I do it?

To illustrate what I would like to see:

Ref                Summary                ProCap Question 1                Procap Question 2               ProCap Question 3

CH001          Change 1                 Yes                                            No                                           High

CH002          Change 2                No                                           Yes                                        Low

and so on....     

Thanks in advance!


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@chrisnutt this information is stored in h_itsm_questions table. The report you need would require a JOIN between "h_itsm_requests" and "h_itsm_questions" tables (the condition is h_itsm_questions.h_entity_ref = h_itsm_requests.h_pk_reference).

EDIT: actually the post by Armando with the forum link is much more detailed ;)

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Great, many thanks all. I'll check them all out.

I'm well Conor, thanks for asking! How are you? Seems like ages since you were last here now.


The answers were informative and really useful. Thanks, all. I have got a report that is almost what I need.

The only bit that I am stuck on now is trying to filter by stage of a request. This may be best in a separate thread if so let me know and I'll create one. But for now, I'll ask here

I'm trying to create a report for the Change Manager. I have one in Supportworks currently that filters by BPM Status. I want to do something similar here. Basically, there is a stage in our Change Business Process called CAB. I want this report to show only requests that are at this stage. Suggestions all gratefully (and eagerly) received!


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@chrisnutt one option you could consider is using Sub Statuses for the different stages of your change process (received, assessment, CAB, scheduled, review etc).

You can set service and request type specific sub-statuses , as well as global ones, so you could limit these just to the service / services and changes where this is relevant.

There is some information on the wiki relating to the statuses, and what i would suggest is use the BP update status node at the ket points in your process, so the sub-statuses are automatically updated as tasks and authorisations are completed - giving you visibility of the changes progress. 


The sub-statuses values are in the h_itsm_requests table so you can report on them, and they are a column in the request list so you can view, sort your changes etc that way too.

If you have access to the sandbox (live.hornbill.com/demo), you can register for access through hornbill.com, and you look at the request list, and filter on changes, you will see these in use.   If you look at the Desktop Support Service > Request Configuration > Change, you will see the configured sub-statuses, and finally if you look at the Business Process linked to the Desktop Support Service > Request Configuration > Change and view this in the admin console you will see an example of progressing the sub-statuses on a change as tasks are complete

Hope that helps


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