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Find and update assets linked to a request

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way in a BPM to get and update particular assets which are linked to the request?

For instance, we'd like to create a BPM which will mark a particular asset as 'retired' or 'in service' by linking it to the request. I was envisioning (is that a word?!) being able to select specific assets in a Prog Capt, then linking those items to the request. Then, further on in the BPM updating the status of those assets.

I can't see a way in the BPM to get the associated assets (or any assets!)....


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@Paul Alexander just an update to let you know we have added a number of new business process operations which will allow for the automatic adding or and updating to assets associated to requests, these include:

* Options to add all assets linked to a customer to a request

* Option to add specific asset classes / types of assets linked to customer to a request

* Existing PC options to add any assets to a request is retained

* Options to update all assets linked to a request

* Options to update selective assets based on class and types

* Options to update generic and class specific attributes of assets linked to requests

These options will be available in the coming weeks (once testing etc is complete)


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