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My Documents portal spelling mistake - "Librarys"


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Hi All,

Please, can someone from Hornbill take a look at the attached image.

It would appear that the list of Libraries on the left has a misspelt heading. I have checked and I can't see anywhere where I can configure it. The same spelling mistake is shown in an image on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Libraries

Can this be corrected?



Hornbill Service Portal My Documents.png

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Hi @chrisnutt,

Thanks for bring this to our attention, I have fixed the spelling mistake for the default translation, which will be available in the next DocumentManager Release.

In the meantime you can amend this translation yourself in the admin tool by going to Document Manager > Translations and updating the translation for the key guest.app.com.hornbill.docmanager.documents.tabTitleLibs

Hope that helps



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