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Logging a new request via BPM

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

One of our Dev teams would like a new ticket to be generated off the back of our new starter process.

In short, if a user selects one of the applications they manage they would like a new ticket to be created with the users info and requirements as they have a different SLA and processes to the Service Desk.

I have the BPM create a new ticket and assign it to the correct team but all the ticket info I tried to copy over is 'undefined'. I am assuming that this is due to the way I have done it as I added the relevant info to the Custom Field A - F in the parent ticket and believe that the new ticket is looking at its own custom fields which are obviously blank.

The Dev teams do not support our Staff changes service and so cant see the linked ticket (and I am keen to keep this) so does anyone know how I can achieve this?




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Hi @Dan Munns correct it is not currently possible to copy across the values from the custom fields from one request to a newly created one from the Business Process.  This is a new feature so i am sure we can look to extend out the fields which you can copy across (And also the type - currently only Inc / SR).

In the meantime, if the values are written to the description of the primary request then you can copy across the description to the newly created request (not ideal but might be a workaround for now) 

I will post back here as we have news on the option to copy across custom field values


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@Dan Munns I have looked at this again and i hope there is a way you can get what you need here, as all you are looking to do is take the answers from the progressive capture forms on the original request and populate them into the description field of the new request, correct?

If so you could try this:

1. In your business process before the node where you create your new request (Entity > Request > Log New Request > Log New Service Request), insert an Entity > Requests > Get Request Information > Progressive Capture Answers node.

2. In the Log New Service Request node, in the Description attribute set this to Manual and in the Description multi-line editor use the variable picker to find the progressive capture forms, and answers which you want to copy across from the original request, and into the description of the newly created request.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 16.05.24.png

3. Add in the variable answers from the different PC forms.

4. Ensure that the attribute Copy Description is set to Manual and No (this will just ensure that the above is ignored, and the description text from the original request is written to the description field of the new request.

When you now run your process, and the new request is created, it should write the Progressive Capture answer variables into the description field of the newly created request. 

In my example i simply copied one one answer from one PC form, but this worked as described above

Here is the answers to my PC on the original request, and in the timeline the record that a new request has been raised from it:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 16.17.21.png

Then this is the description field on the new request, with the first PC answer copied across This is a test text

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 16.19.17.png

I hope this is what you were looking to achieve, and let us know how you get on?



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