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New iBridge Integration Content - WebCall

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Following on from our recent conversation we have now added two new "Experimental" iBridge integrations which gives you a generic way of making a WebCall via the iBridge from within the BPM, this should enable you to achieve what you want with regards to invoking your own scripts/servlets to automate the process of resetting your SAP passwords. 

Now I must confess I am still very uncomfortable with making any aspect of the BPM usability this "technical" so this is an experimental integration for now that you can use and we will support it, but when we have our Site Integration Bridge option available some time towards the end of this year, this generic experimental integration will be depreciated.

Please let me know how you get on, this is now live and ready to use. 



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Hi Gerry, 

That’s fantastic!! Thanks so much for your help with this.

As soon as we have something operational I'll be sure to provide feedback to you and the community.

We fully appreciate your concerns and understand that this will be replaced in time with your forthcoming site integration tools.






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