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Update Request - File Attachments/Logos


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I did see something posted recently on the forum and it was mentioned that the following feature will be implemented soon. I am unable to locate the post so apologies!


When I update a call via an email, it appears with a list of pictures, attachments, screen shots - this was resolve the issue of bombarding the service request with unnecessary and multiple attachments - It's a great feature by the way:).

This allows us to see how many of there above there are, but how does one find out if the attachment is just a logo or a genuine attachment as it does give you opportunity to add or omit from the service request.

I think I must be missing something?




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It was indeed discussed before

Something that will be looked at, but it's one of those things that needs to work it's way down the food chain before Service Manager, or other apps, can take advantage of it.


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