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ServiceManager and O365 setup for Outbound mail


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Hello, we currently have ServiceManager configured to use Outbound mail via a mailbox that in Exchange on-premise (Exchange 2010).  We had to setup some firewall rules and some SMTP relay connectors to get this to work.

We are planning to migrate the mailbox account to Office 365 (Exchange 2016 online) and would like to know if anyone has got this working and what configuration is needed.   Not sure if a SMTP connector will need to be created with the Hornbill IP that emails will originate from?

Would be much appreciated if someone could advise.

Many thanks,


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Hi Ptobias,

 thanks for your post.

Generally speaking, you can approach office 365 using similar principles to an on-premise mail exchange. It is still a mail exchange, its just now hosted in the cloud.

The first step in the configuration is to "point" Hornbill to office 365 rather than your on-premise mail exchange. This means updating the SMART HOST configuration via Hornbill Administration.

Just like in an on-prem situation, office 365 will need to know what to do with the email that it receives from Hornbill and therefore you will need to configure office 365 to allow the relaying of messages from Hornbill onto the intended recipient. 

Finally, its unlikely that there will be any firewall considerations, as we are considering cloud-to-cloud communication.

I hope that helps.


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hey guys - sorry to drag this thread back from the dead but we are trying to do the same thing currently (migrate our mailbox to 365).


ive followed the above the above instructions which seemed to have worked, but its the configuration on the 365 end i am struggling with. 


the error i am getting with the hornbill config checker suggests i need to need give my mailbox permission to send on behalf of another user. 


to get round this (because we cant create a user for do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com i dont think), ive made a contact, and set the smtp address as do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com, then set this contact to have "send on behalf of" permissions for my hornbill 365 mailbox, but im still getting the same error? does anyone have any ideas?









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