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Dear Support Team

Could you please advise me, how to configure a validation key for an Asset, so when uploading the Asset type with a CSV file repetitively, it doesn't create duplicates.

Thanks Sha 


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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi @Sha

Each Asset class has its own set of validation rules. In your example above, In your example above, Computer peripheral does not contain any validation rules, however if you choose another asset class such as Computer System, you will be able to validate. If you download the template file associated with this and populate this with the asset details, then it will be ready to upload. Select the Validation button as per my screenshot (screenshot1) below and you can choose which fields to validation on (screenshot2)


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2



Currently, we can only validate on the following asset classes:

-Computer System

-Mobile Device

-Network Device


Kind Regards




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