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Paul Alexander

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Quick question...

Can feedback be left for a CLOSED call or is that option only available for open or resolved calls?

We have our BPM's set to auto close requests after 5 days, but the 'feedback' option on the Service is set to last for 14 days. Does this mean that calls which are closed after 5 days will still show as having the OPTION of leaving feedback for another 9 days, but, when clicked, the 'leave feedback' button isn't available?

Hopefully that makes sense...... 





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Hi @Paul Alexander

The request feedback can only be invoked when a request is closed.   So the period of days you have set for the feedback to be valid for on the service , will start from the point the request is closed.

In the screen shot you submitted i can see that their is one awaiting feedback, and when you move from an Active Filter to the Awaiting feedback, you only see the one closed request where feedback is requested. 

So if you want to give them 14 days to provide feedback, it will be 14 days from the point of request closure.

The Green Awaiting Feedback button is shown on all filters, including Active but it is not to indicate that active requests can provide feedback, it is to let them know they have other closed requests where feedback is sought.  And clicking on the Awaiting Feedback button will take them to that list

I hope that makes sense?


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Hi @Steven Boardman

Thanks for the info....yes, it does all make perfect sense, however I'm still not seeing what I thought I should see!! 

For instance: If I take a look at MY list of calls awaiting feedback and choose one of them (in this case SR328), I can see that the status is closed, and that the service is Applications:

If I take a look at the Applications service, I can see that the Feedback Expiry is set to 14 days

In the ticket, I can see that the request was closed on 03-07-17 (which is more than 14 days ago - unless that 14 days takes our working calendar in to consideration?)

In the Portal, I can't see any way of leaving feedback for this ticket. So, one of two things is happening (I think!) ...either the call should NOT be in the list of 'Awaiting Feedback' calls because the 14 days is over OR there's something not showing up to give me the ability to leave feedback.

I'm probably missing something completely obvious...but it IS Friday and it's been a long week ;)








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Hi @Paul Alexander

There was a defect which would leave Closed requests in the Awaiting Feedback list even if their expiry periods had expired.  This was fixed on the update you are running, so this should not be the case for any new requests.

If you have any existing Closed requests in this list, if you open them up you won't see the option to provide feedback (as the option has expired), but by opening the request this should then remove it from the list of closed requests in the Awaiting Feedback list - so kind of gives you a way to clear down any historical one's where this issue existed.

Finally the expiry feedback period is calculated on a 24hour Mon-Fri calendar from the point a request is closed (not linked to each request's SLA and it's WTC).

I hope that makes sense?

Please let me know if you still have an issue for new requests logged since the last Service Manager Update, and they are still appearing in the Awaiting Feedback list after the feedback period has expired, or if you are not able to clear down the historical ones' from this list by opening them?



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